Shipping Policy

Pick up free in Lisbon (R. Ferreira Borges 191 Atelier 2 1350-275 Lisboa)


Greater Lisbon:

1 to 6 bottles: 3 euro

Rest of Portugal (PT):

1 to 6 bottles 7 euro

6-12 bottles 9 euro

12 + bottles 12 euro


1 bottle 11 euro

2-3 bottles 14 euro

4-5-6 bottles 18 euro

7-12 bottles 25 euro

12 + bottles 30 euro

Belgique, Hollande, Luxembourg, France, Autriche, Monaco, Allemange, Italie:

1 bottles 14 euro

2-3 bottles 21 euro

4-5-6 bottles 27 euro

7-12 bottles 35 euro

12 + bottles 40 euro

The rest of Europe:

1 bottle 17 euro

2-3 bottles 21 euro

4-5-6 bottles 31 euro

7-12 bottles 39 euro

12 + bottles 50 euro

Insurance 3% of value

No shipping outside of Europe. No shipping to UK.

Conditions: In case of a wrong or incomplete address, a fee will be charged for a new delivery in some cases. Please note: The customer is responsible for verifying the condition of the package(s) and the contents of the package(s) on delivery, ensuring the items and quantities delivered match those on the order form. A signed receipt of delivery will indicate acceptance from the customer.

Returns: If you would like to return purchased wine, you can do so within 14 days of purchase. Products must be returned in new condition (including the original packaging). When an order is returned, shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. If the customer has difficulty with reshipment, please contact and we will guide you through the process.

After confirming the amount and condition of returned merchandise and finding no irregularities, we will send correspondence to the bank that administrates your card on the same day we receive the product. We will request a refund to the cardholder of the purchase price of the returned product, minus the original shipping costs. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. An email will be sent confirming the refund.

In case of an order cancellation, if the product has not yet been shipped, the customer will receive an immediate refund of the amount paid. If the cancellation occurs after the wines have been shipped, we will refund the value of the purchased product. Expenses related to freight will not be refunded, and the return of products will be the responsibility of the customer.